Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Take One With You

Take One With You
Take One With You by Oak Anderson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Amazon-Prime-Lending. Slow going, as I was reading the BOTM of Psychological Thrillers mostly.

One of the films I really like is Suicide Circle (aka Suicide Club), a real-movie-filmed-manga, so I wanted to see a different take on the subject. The basic idea of both is based on reality, in Japan people find partners in chat-rooms and commit suicide together (at least they did a few years ago, not sure wether it is still happening).

This book has a lot of pieces thrown together like a jigsaw-puzzle, not a single story-line.The different pieces read like short-stories of depressing lives. And sometimes too much information, which does nothing for the main-story-line.
In between newspaper-articles, chat-logs and the like. Not bad, but also not very suspense-full or gripping.
Will read a different book in-between ( [b:The Stranger You Know|18404155|The Stranger You Know (Maeve Kerrigan #4)|Jane Casey||22098234] ).
(edit: changed a few sentences around)
Had a hart time finishing this one, glad I have not bought it. The story was ok-ish, but not overwhelming and too many pieces. Reads a bit like a John Brunner-SF-Novel, [b:Stand on Zanzibar|41069|Stand on Zanzibar|John Brunner||2184253] or [b:The Shockwave Rider|41070|The Shockwave Rider|John Brunner||868164] or a movie by Paul Verhoeven (Robocop), transcripts from hearings, Websites, News, in between.
But compared to Brunner, here is not enough story and the people, while it is tried to describe them deep, are not really deep or feel real. The main hero, Charlie, it simply not audacious enough.

Mainly finished it as I got over the 30% self-set-border for abandoning/DNF a book, and wanted to lend something new in September.
Solid 3 star, I am glad, I did not pay for it. Still recommended for a good idea and for feeling current, it plays in the now and here, and these facts are on the point and real. Although these are only mentioned in passing, not explained (may puzzle a non-tech layperson) in the story like Websites, The Pirate Bay, Torrents and how to set up a Website so it can not be taken down easily.

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