Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: Das System: Thriller

Das System: Thriller
Das System: Thriller by Karl Olsberg

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bought this as it was cheap and sounded interesting.
Part of the story takes place in my town, Hamburg, Germany.
The template for the startup was more or less obviously copied from the German firm Star Division.
Fast paced page-turner, with a little romance and a boring small non-kinky sex-scene.
Not enough twists, end was obvious from the beginning, which cost it the 5th star.
I would even understand if someone questioned the 4th star, but I like the style and the persons where believable - even the bad ones (and not entirely bad, more in between). And it helped that a lot of the action took place in my home-town.
There could have been a twist in the end, some sort of backlash, making a sequel possible.
But unless you want a sequel, this one is a standalone, and a good one.
The tech is spot on, and for that I think 4 stars is well deserved.
Highly recommended for German readers, as it is not available in other languages as far as I have checked.
Also recommended to readers of [b:Blackout. Morgen ist es zu spät|13113378|Blackout. Morgen ist es zu spät|Marc Elsberg||18287167] (also only available in German)

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