Thursday, August 28, 2014

Review: Blood Harvest

Blood Harvest
Blood Harvest by S.J. Bolton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wall comes tumbling down on a dark graveyard.
Feels like a perfect counterpart to a standalone by Val McDermid: A Place of Execution [b:A Place of Execution|91487|A Place of Execution|Val McDermid||1179513]. Dark book about dead children.
Long buildup - 50% of the book after the prologue of finding 3 female children dead in one grave, set free after the wall near the grave came tumbling down.

Full of twists and while all the people are known to the reader I did not guess the killer.
A bit of bitter romance, love not fulfilled and an unnecessary twist in the end.
While I can understand the reviews lamenting the reveal of the killer or the epilogue, I still think this is a book that is pure genius.
It could have been written by Val McDermid, and that is no small praise from me. The setting is near lancashire, and who has never been there (I have not), should look it up on Google Earth. Beautiful scenery and I can just imagine the fog and rain.

The killing scenes where bloody and cruel, but not overly graphic, as least not disturbing.

Highly recommended! Also for Fans of Val McDermid and Mo Hayder.

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