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Review: Jung, blond, tot

Jung, blond, tot
Jung, blond, tot by Andreas Franz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read in German, so far not translated to english, I think.
For a start of a series, "Julia Durant", 4 stars, it may be too much (1 too much), as it is too long and all major characters have some private problems.
Then again, it is very realistic even in the description and the problems (yeah, again) of minor characters.
Gruesome, very detailed mutilations and killings. A second storyline about power and teenage/child abuse, also very detailed.
Both could be disturbing for squeamish readers.
Book is a bit dated, with most people smoking heavily and mobile phones (just emerging then) only owned and used by rich people.
Also computers are only used by experts, giving the task of searching to people outside the main group of police.
The book takes place in Frankfurt, as I do not know that town personally, I cannot say how accurate it is, but the description of traffic jams etc. feels real even and might even be the same today as then it was written.

No real twists, and the killer is named at ca. 80-85% in the book, with the main killings solved and the killer in jail two or three chapters before the end. All problems are solved and most concluded, but some in a disturbing way (how to put it without spoiling it?), not neat but a bit much, this, together with no twists and being too long fails to get the 5th star in the rating.

As German ebooks are sometimes rather expensive, I am glad I got this cheap.
I just checked, it is as of this date even cheaper, but most other books in the series are 9,99 Eur, which is too much.
Recommended if you can read German and want a book about a serial killer.

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