Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review: Let Me Go

Let Me Go
Let Me Go by Chelsea Cain

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Gretchen is back!
And helps Archie celebrate his birthday and then Halloween - Gretchen-style.
A party by Leo's father, Jack the Mobster, on his private island in Lake Oswego, attended by Archie to gather information about Jack's Russian friends ends with a body washed to the shore near the island. The events on the party are scattered in the story, to be revealed piece-by-piece, as Archie missed some of the fun and the killing. One revelation I guessed, it was obvious even in the last book, that Archie was fooled. Or as someone in this book put it so right "Men are ruled by their dicks" (Claire, Henry's pregnant cop-girlfriend).
A nice scene with a pole-dancer leads to unwarranted jealousy.
A few kinky (or sick?) sex-scenes, one of them of the "kids, don't try this at home"-type, dangerous and going into s/m-territory show how inventive Gretchen is, wow, that was a new one, have not thought someone would try this. And also by hacking some computers Gretchen forces Archie to come clean to a few people, most have known about his affair anyway.
While end is just too neat, all other parts fit nicely together, lots of death, torture hinted at, only little romance, a break-up, perfect book, way above 5 stars, probably the best book yet in the series so far.
Although long, it did not feel that way, fast paced page-turner, which made me read the whole book in just little more than two days - the first few pages late in the evening to get into it, the last (hospital) after midnight as I had other things to do and two days in between.

Highly recommended, female-serial-killer, page-turner.

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