Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review: Bitter Moon

Bitter Moon Bitter Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! As dark as it gets, with horrifying crimes committed and described in detail.
Alternating POV between Cara (Past) and Agent Roarke (Present), who takes the same path which Cara took Age 14, growing up and killing IT whenever she can, IT being people with the evil inside, like a demon or the devil in disguise. The FBI-Agent is on sabbatical in the beginning of the book, but gets sucked into Cara's past and is as conflicted about her, as ever.
Page-turner if you can stand it. My guess is, this will be an easy 5star recommended for hard-core readers, who have read Mo Hayder, Simon Beckett, Michael Slade etc. . Can be read as a standalone, and out of order, as most what happened is hinted or repeated during the telling, without being boring or repeating too much - granted it has been a rather long time since I read the last book in the series, so I maybe wrong.
Extremely recommended, one of my favourite books this year, 5stars strong and easily.
Not too much action, but the search for one of the killers and the decision wether to kill him or not and how the story may go on in the next book (there is strong indication that there will be next book), keeps this real and I like the way the decision falls. The Cara - Roarke relationship is together with Chelsea Cain's Archie - Gretchen one of the strongest and best pairs in crime, as unusual as female serial-killers are (wether Cara is one may be up for debate). My only regret is the waiting time till the next book.

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