Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review: Where The Dead Ones Play: A Supernatural Horror

Where The Dead Ones Play: A Supernatural Horror Where The Dead Ones Play: A Supernatural Horror by Kyle M. Scott
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Received a review copy in exchange for an honest review.
Just started it for breakfast (I read everywhere and often during eating), language is rich.
Slow start, with more tell and no show (so far).
At 38% and 37 min. reading time left (which is unreliable) I hope to finish this soon, also to start something more suspenseful or even interesting.
Although the horror starts to built, so far not twists, more musings from a loving father and a boring son, who I would gladly kill off where this my book, to write something interesting.
As at least two persons whose reviews I follow liked this book, I am still hoping for a surprise twist and as this has not happened yet, I see a meager 2 stars coming, 1 of them for the language, but that does not save it, yet.

Rate this 2.5 Stars, rounded down to 2.
Language was rich and very good descriptions, but also too much from the MC inner musings, which where boring. Nice fight scenes and a little supernatural Horror, and while I did not guess the twists, I was also not gripped as other by this book. This also shows in the reading time, I started up (and finished some) a few different books, while this is a not a long book, it took me to long as I found it boring, while it gets brutal, bloody and cruel, I could not connect to any of the (few) people in the book, and could not care less if some other explanation had been written. A little past romance, a little explicit lonely sex-scene. Could in my view probably still rated for YA, not very adult. Would not recommend this to anyone, as I found it not really scary, but younger teens (12-14 yrs) might find this better, but probably not the intended target group.

In end, most everything is neatly solved. The language was great, very vivid descriptions, but also at times too much, nearly repetitive, and the father-boy relationship was way overplayed.

In comparison to one of the last books I read: Lost Girls, a solid 5 star, that one is as horrific, and even more realistic as it does not stray into the fantastic. As this book is outside of my normal reading genre, I am not too surprised (should read Lovecraft again, to see wether I still like him, maybe that also has changed, as it could have been 1990 or earlier since I last read him), I wanted to see how I like this, well, this is answered.

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