Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review: Snarl

Snarl Snarl by Celina Grace
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The best so far in this series. Also feels like in the UK most of the time, only very little romance and I think the book is better that way, some sex mentioned, but no explicit or long scenes, also rather tame, nothing kinky.

Would have liked a deeper look or more meat around the story of the main baddy. The twist with the crime as revealed in the end could not be guessed, and I was rather sad to see the story ending there. Would have liked more of that, and the nearly always unanswered question what happens after the crime is solved? While the storyline as presented was so far the best of all the Kate Redman books (some I read out of order), the ending left me unsatisfied. Given that, I normally like it, that the books in the series are short novels, and a fast read, but this could have been longer
for me.

Highly recommended, with 4 stars, would have been 5 one or more of my problems would have been adressed. Just to be sure, I state it again: for me so far the best in the series.

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