Sunday, May 6, 2018

Review: The Girl I Used to Be

The Girl I Used to Be The Girl I Used to Be by Mary Torjussen
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Trigger Warning: boredom, nearly no sex, too much family, no suspense. Real trigger warning: Rape, but not very explicit.
DNF, will go FF till the end.

Fell (again) for a blurb which made the book sound way more interesting than it is.
Also some reviews had "page-turner" in the reviews. Well, more like, stick-together-pages-I-had-to-cut-if-I-was-not-reading-an-ebook.
Just checked, the main recommendation was from BookRiot, also I have Gone Without a Trace (bought it cheap), which was also a BookRiot-recommendation, now I am wary, I will probably look into it, with the goal to decide early on, wether to read it and finish it, or if that is also another DNF.

Stopped reading in earnest at the beginning of chapter 12, I think.
This reads more like a romance, than a mystery or thriller.
Boring, takes to long and too much familiy with barely a hint, what is wrong. No page-turner so far, and I am near DNFing it.

Still wonder what other people read, that they think it is a fast-paced page-turner.
Two stars for a good blurb, and I regret pre-ordering this and paying for it, price was ok, though. Will FF to the end and add to this review a little then.

Skimmed a few 4/5 star reviews. And one said, this is "on the lighter side" in comparison to Gone without a trace, so here's hoping, that will be better. There is supposed to be a twist, bit so far I have not read it.

(Added a day later) So, now I have FF through until the end. What a chore! A few little twists, of which one was obvious, the others not so much, but did not save the book from the boredom it transpires. Not sure, wether this warrants 2 stars, but at least there was no vigilant-killing and the reason for not calling the police before the finale was well written.

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