Thursday, May 24, 2018

Review: You Were Gone

You Were Gone You Were Gone by Tim Weaver
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Dead Good Books recommended - have to be more careful with these recommendations, way too many bad books started / bough in the last years. If I ever see the moniker "psychological thriller - page-turner" again, I should stay away from it.

Boring, way too long. Two stars for a good idea.
This certainly brings to turn the page - to get to the reveal much faster.
No suspense, not enough twists, one was obvious to me nearly from the beginning (only revealed in the final crime scene at the house with the woman).
One more of author for never-buy-never-read-again-pile. Pitty. Sounded good from the blurb.
While after reading it, a lot felt unreal and ridiculous, stranger things have already happend in RL, so I cannot safely say it is to far out there.

There was too much not needed and boring information about the life of the MC and others in there, that could have been cut without changing the story. And it was as much as 50%, by my best guess.
Not recommened. Skipped a lot, going fast-forward through it, but the time it took me (a week) is testament to the unnecessary length of the novel, even after the solution-reveal there came more story I really did not want to know.
Not very entertaining. And it was not even cheap, I paid full price for it, which I regret now!

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