Friday, August 10, 2018

Review: The Caller

The Caller The Caller by Chris Carter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trigger warning: torture, very bloody, detailed murders - but for a book about a serial-killer, that is expected, you get what you came for.

Got this cheap (promo price?) as an ebook and read the blurb which pointed to social media, stalking and a serial killer, so obviously a book for me, with the tech up-to-date.
Fast paced page-turner, which was just not worth 5 stars for me, as a lot of times the (short) chapters ended with a cliffhanger, but the next chapter was a different POV or scene. Not always, though.
This interchanging of scenes/pov's sometimes break the stream of reading for me, sometimes not.
A little romance, no sex.
Very gristly murders (expected), a few nice twists, and good ideas.

Instead of "swap", the author uses "swop", never read that before, googled it, as I thought this was an error, and wanted to report it (it is not, the word is used in the same manner and context as swap, I am German, and my english education is heavy on UK, which I prefer, even though most english books I read are in US-english, so pardon my french).
A completely real error is in chapter 64, using a wrong name when a person calls out (in the ebook I own it is currently "Jeffery" when he calls for him, but the person is named "Michael" and I see no reason for the name Jeffery and the name is not used in other parts of the book. Will report that (Kindle), so it can be corrected.

So, imho writing is bit uneven, there might be other places, but still it was good enough.
In catching the killer, one of the detectives (the MC) breaks a few rules and it was the often (too often) case of going after killer alone and getting in a situation where the MC could have been killed. Too obvious that never happens, yawn, so too predictable. One should kill the MC once every other book imho, just to keep the reader guessing.

Recommended 4stars, but as have read one other novel and a short novella from this author, I think, this is one of the better ones (or the author is getting better with each book). Might read other books from this series depending on price (or if I can lend it with KU). Can be read as a standalone, as I did.

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