Friday, August 24, 2018

Review: Lost Library

Lost Library Lost Library by Kate Baray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Got this for free from a BookBub email info.
Liked the blurb and the cover.
Skimming through a few 2star reviews, this might have been updated, they say Lizzy kept the magic for 2 years without deciphering it? It was a much more reasonable 2 months, just checked again, before she gets approached by John.
As the reviews said, World-Building was bit much of an info-dump at times, I agree, but it was not as bad some other books I read.
A little too much self-doubt and too much thinking about romance cost this the 5th star for me. And could have done with a little bit more action early on or in the middle.
It gets better near the end with the settings in London and Prague.
Also, other reviews mentioned a cliff-hanger at the end, I do not see the ending as a cliff-hanger, more a finished book with open threads to lead into the next book. The different problems (kidnapping, magic, etc.) are solved and concluded.

So recommended and I just checked and bought not the next book but the Lost Library Omnibus 1-3 for the price of one ebook Lost Library Collection: Books 1-3- there are now 4 books, with a 5th to be published November 1st, 2018.

So, recommended 4 stars it is, a little sex, lots of romance, could have been a little less for me. Action later in the book, and I am more interested in the library, which also was not mentioned enough in this book, hopefully this will change with the next book(s).

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