Friday, February 1, 2019

Review: The Acid Suite

The Acid Suite The Acid Suite by Craig Lea Gordon
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Received an ARC from Booksprout for review
Chose this under the wrong impression what this would be.
What it is is 4 very short stories, 8-10 pages each, giving less than 40 pages
to read.
World-Building was good in most, but while it is all SF, most are also
Horror, which I read in the past, but do not really need nowadays.
The titles:
- Bad Hands, was ok, Rebellion, would like something longer from that world. 3-3.5 stars for this alone.
- The Machine, pure Horror, and first of two twists I saw coming from a certain point in the story, another one (the last one) not, but that did not save. Also, due to content I only read this in FF, skipping passages. Bloody and boring. 1.5-2 star, with 2 only for the final twist.
- Theatre of Death, more Horror than SF, with a bit of fantasy thrown in, although I must admit, I did not understand all of the story, felt like it was cut from a bigger one, which was needed to understand it. 1 star. Nothing to write home about.
- Transmit this one is real SF, but again too short for me. 2.5-3 stars.
All together 2 stars. Will not bother with this author again and I think this should be added for free to a longer book rather than sold separately or put together with other short stories in a bigger collection.
Reading a lot of SF and the ongoing "The Expanse"-Series, there I enjoyed the short novellas and even paid for them (thinking too much, though), but that where all longer than this short number - ok, they where mostly novellas, not short stories, but still this felt like not enough meat for me.

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