Saturday, February 9, 2019

Review: Jagdbeute: Ein Ostsee-Krimi

Jagdbeute: Ein Ostsee-Krimi Jagdbeute: Ein Ostsee-Krimi by Frank Bao Carter
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

German book, no translation. Not recommended.
DNF during 1. Chapter.
Blurp and email promised a good book, but that did not happen.
Thrown into action without explanation and prologue or introduction, it read like the beginning of some cheap would-be erotic. Not sure wether this at some point in time was really sold, I got an email from that it is free, and grabbed it, after reading the blurb from, which is imho way off.
Do not pay for it, if it is free or can be lent, and might be for you, grab it, else, I cannot describe it more, as the style did not appeal to me, and I DNFed it very early, so cannot say more about it.
As my choice of cheap/free ebooks is sometimes really bad, trusting the blurb for each book too much, I will probably try to DNF a lot of books early, so as to read better stuff.

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