Thursday, March 9, 2017

Review: Descent

Descent Descent by Celina Grace
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Received this as an ARC from the author for an honest review.
This is a short novella, so as expected a fast read, can be read in an afternoon.
Reading time displayed by my Kindle is off, I think it displayed 17 min. reading time left, as I had the story finished. The reason for this is, there are quite a few 2-3 page-previews in the book, I think seven or more. Which is too many and not enough reading material even for teasers, 2 longer previews would have been enough - and I had already read some of the books, so I did not even skim the previews.
For a short story (novella?) this could have been easily 4 stars - but again Kate's too meek as a heroine for me, and her situation as it was in the last book does not really get better. On a personal level she can not decide to talk with her lover about all her problems and fears to clearly commit herself. This is true both in her personal life and in her job.
Both take a little turn in the end, but by his action and suggestion, not by deciding for herself. Without him she would be indecisive and fret about more about these decisions, as she does during part of the story.
The case gets solved by a gut-feeling, and then by a little added police-work to prove that gut-feeling - not enough real work, and forcing a confession, while the scene is well written, it was not really satisfying - which Kate reflects on, so ok, even she thinks that was not really a solved case with a clear villain, leaving only a destroyed family and losers in the end.

While part of this too long review might read like I should have given 4 stars, I still think, 3 stars solid for this, also it is too short to think longer about it.
As I got it free for a review, and I think it is not yet published, the question is, how much the price will be, and will it be worth it, sorry to say, but even if you like the Kate Redman series, beware not to pay too much for it. For teaser for next book it should be given away.

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