Thursday, March 2, 2017

Review: Rumors

Rumors Rumors by Erica Kiefer
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Got this free (twice, as I did not realize I already owned it), once from the "Fussy Librarian" daily mail with free and cheap ebooks, the other time from "Bookbub", which is also sending a daily mail.
The book is ok, but sad, and does not really end, more ore less forcing you buy and read the next books if you want to know what happens.
Wanted something different, this book is about death, loss and how to cope with it.
Interesting, but except for the twist how someone drowns not very suspenseful. While the people are real, I liked only the heroine, some of the rest where blah or really bad and dragging her into dangerous shenanigans. Not so sure, I will buy and read the other two books in this series. A few chapters from the next book where given as a teaser and I read that, but it is more of the same.
Solid 3 stars, well written, just not geek-nerd-etc. enough, and too heavy without a real solution (in this book, that may change with the next too). Also though it was shorter, but with the theme it felt too long (it may have been described as a novella, which it may be, but it took me too long to finish it). Not to be read if you are feeling depressed, imho.

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