Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Review: Keep You Near

Keep You Near Keep You Near by Robin Roughley
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Got this from the Bookbub email-letter as a freebie. Well I am glad, I did not pay for it.
The grammar reads a little confusing (not entirely sure if it is wrong), too many people-POV, and only at 69% in the book the story-lines get together.

Trigger Warning: tl dr: you name it, this book has it...
torture, abuse, bullying, child-abuse, pedophelia, BWS, mental health issues. Surprisingly high body count, graphic and violent deaths.

MC is a bit to deep in. Her next supurior and partner (?) is not very fleshed out and not very convincing, at times sounded like a dumb sidekick, not like a surperior and was too often surprised by some of the evil people do and some suggestions as to what might have happend by the MC. Lets me question how he rose in ranks.

The writing feels fractured in too many POVs, too many important people, and not enough suspense.
If I remember correctly, all persons get a little background, even minor side ones. This ads nothing to the crime-story and supports the boredom I felt reading this book.
While I liked the short chapters, with each new chapter you stumble in a different POV, only in the end you have a longer suspensful sequence.

Also one of the POV was from a mentally ill person, which was hard to get into, although well written as far as I can tell.

The case and its conclusion is very harsh and interesting, the writing not so much. Not recommended, there are better books available, and I am not convinced I will read more of this series. Still 3 stars for the crime and the conclusion. The reading time (ca. 3 weeks) reflects that I had to read shorter, lighter, better books in between.

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