Friday, July 31, 2015

Review: City Of Fire

City Of Fire City Of Fire by Robert Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Kindle eBook bought July 28th, 2015 had a lot of obvious (scan?) errors, some I send to Amazon. As most or all errors where of the kind that a spellchecker should have caught, I think that and/or an editor was not involved, and even for a cheap book that was distracting. Hopefully for later readers this will corrected.

The book and story was too long with the places and backstory, could have been 20% shorter. Still, a page-turner, with a few twists.
An an insight in the mind of a serial rapist/killer. Also not all people in the book are not just bad or too good to be true, more like something in between.
Big twist in the end I did not see coming, well done with the red-herrings.
For the errors, and being too long, 1 star less. And I would have rather liked that it took place somewhere else, LA again, really? But with the fires very scary and well described. Also the background stories are well integrated not simply jumping back in time.
Although it was late, I did not stop near the end to finish the book, closing it, my bedtime clock showed 1:10 am, with planning to get up again at 7:30 am (which I did, yawn).
Highly recommended, like the heroine and if you can stand the sometimes epic feel of descriptions, and can stand the bloody crimes, give it a try.

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