Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Review: The Fixer

The Fixer The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Is this YA? well, no, more A! A thriller, no sex, no romance, no love-triangle, no SF, no Fantasy - just hard, gritty, Washington D.C. Reality. A few deaths. (The story is) Mostly the search for the Spindoctor / Puppetmaster, be it male or female, pulling the strings behind the scene. The muddy bog of the high stakes of a political intrigue-poker-game. The characters are very well drawn, with flaws and making mistakes, sometimes dangerous ones. It feels like they are slowly drowning in quicksand, just at the last second getting thrown a compromise of a life-line - but one that will cost them (probably in the next book?). Great Thriller with a touch of YA growing up, but mostly not really YA, more a sixteen year old trying to find out what happened and to cope with the fallout or change it for the better, without really considering long-term repercussions. A short thriller, could have read this in one day, but wanted it to last, so I took a few breaks. Highly recommended page-turner. Additional info (no spoilers): Jennifer Lynn Barnes on Family and belonging, very insightful

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